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eLibrary help

What is available?
  • The eLibrary includes:
  • Online databases
  • Full text access to many thousands of ejournals
  • Specially selected links to useful information sources on the internet


Am I able to consult the Library’s subscription databases from my computer at home?
  • Yes. The Library’s subscription databases and ejournals are freely available for members to consult at any of the public internet workstations in the Library, and from any internet enabled computer outside the Library. 


What do I need in order to access these databases from home?
  • If you are a member of the Library you can use these database resources by going to the eLibrary page and following one of the links. If you are trying to access the database from outside the Library, you will be prompted to enter either your membership number or barcode (to be found on your Library membership card) and your PIN.  PINs are obtainable from the Library’s membership department (email:  Tel: 020 7766 4720) and will be sent by post or given to you in person.

    PINs are non-transferable and may be used only by the member named on the card. For representative members, only the representative named on the card and their current nominee/s may use the PIN.

    Alternatively for a few but growing number of titles, you can go directly to the database website and then follow the instructions on the website to login 'via your institution' or use a 'shibboleth login'. In some instances you will find the London Library on a list headed 'UK Federation'. We have setup this access for JSTOR, The Times Digital Archive, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford Art Online, Who's Who, the TLS Centenary Archive, Bibliography of the History of Art, British Humanities Index, The John Johnson Collection, Cambridge Journals and Sage Journals.


I would like to suggest a link be added to the eLibrary pages
  • The links in the eLibrary have been compiled by both staff and members of the Library. Their focus and grouping reflects that of the library and its collections. If you wish to suggest a link, please contact the Library’s IT department by emailing


I can't login using my membership number, barcode or PIN?
  • If you are trying to login using your membership number please ensure this is a five digit number.  Please precede any 4-digit numbers with an initial zero.
    If you are trying to login using your barcode number please enter the entire barcode without spaces or punctuation.
    If you are still having trouble logging in please contact the membership department (email:  Tel: 020 7766 4730).


I have logged in and can only get a 'page cannot be displayed' error or some other error page. What should I do?
  • This may happen if you reach the login page other than from a link on our webpage or from a database website. For example if you have bookmarked the login page and go directly to it or have used your browser back button to return to an earlier login page, you may get an error. This may also happen if your browser does not accept cookies; please enable your browser to receive cookies.

    In most circumstances simply returning to the Electronic Library webpage and following one of the links will enable you to login. In some circumstances closing down your browser and then starting a new browser session will help.

    If you are still having a problem logging in after starting a new browser session please contact the Library's IT department by emailing


I am trying to view the full text of a journal article and it is not allowing me access even though I logged in through the London Library. Why?
  • Our subscription to some electronic journals only allows us full text access to part of the archive. The extent of our full-text access is indicated by the dates displayed on the Electronic Journal pages.


  • If you have further technical problems or need more information please contact the Library’s IT department: