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Quick reference and bibliographic information


  • This is a consolidated list of links to reference-based websites.


Quick reference information

Online maps
  • Google Maps: an experimental service with easier map navigation. Searchable by street name, place name or postcode. Automatic directions can be generated.
  • street maps of the United Kingdom and Europe searchable by place name, street name, postcode or grid reference. Automatic directions can be generated.
  • street maps of all of mainland Britain. Searchable by street name, postcode or place name.


Rail and travel




Bibliographic information


Library catalogues

A selection of useful library catalogues.

National Libraries: UK


National Archives: UK


Academic Libraries: UK


Library catalogues: international


  • The following sites give information about published articles and theses completed in British universities.


Periodicals and eResources
  • There are a number of periodicals, journals, and e-resources available freely online:
  • British Humanities Index: an index to articles that have appeared in selected journals and newspapers.
  • English Short Title Catalogue: The English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) lists over 460,000 items published between 1473 and 1800 from the collections of the British Library and over 2,000 other libraries.
  • Google Scholar
  • The Internet Library of Early Journals: offers free full text (browsing)access to a limited number of 18th and 19th Century journals: Annual Register Volumes 1 - 21, 1758 -1778; Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine Volumes 53 - 94, 1843 – 1863; Gentleman's Magazine Volumes 1 - 20, 1731 – 1750; Notes and Queries Volumes 1, 1st Series - 4, 4th Series, 1849/50 – 1869; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Volumes 50 - 67, 1757 – 1777; The Builder Volumes 1 – 10, 1843 – 1852. Hosted by the Bodleian Library.
  • TOCS-IN (Tables of Contents of Journals of interest to classicists): tables of contents of 160 journals and Festschriften searchable by keyword.






Media and politics

Newspaper archives


Online newspapers
  • Many national newspapers and some local newspapers now have websites that contain the day's stories as well as a limited archive of previous day's stories.
  • The Times Literary Supplement and Times Higher Education Supplement also have their own Websites:


News agencies and organisations


Television, radio and cinema


Parliaments and government


Political parties
  • The current composition of the House of Commons and links to the political parties represented can be found on the Parliament UK website



Arts and literary organisations

  • Links to a selection of literary organisations and the Arts Councils.